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Medic Academy IELTS Coaching Centers are the Best in Kerala

MEDIC ACADEMY - You are at the right place!


Medic Academy IELTS programs offer the highest possible quality in every part of the IELTS learning process. Medic Academy has created and implemented engaging instruction methods that accommodate all learning styles, and we have spent many years further refining the ways we teach test preparation. Our IELTS trainers have a lot of collective experience with IELTS preparation, but they are more than just experienced teachers. They are also passionate about helping students achieve their goals for the IELTS. 

Medic Academy is the best IELTS training center in Calicut. The training is available in both offline and online classes.

Why Choose Medic Academy for IELTSTraining?

What is IELTS?

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a non-academic test that assesses your ability to speak, read, and write in English. The IELTS exam has four sections: reading, speaking, writing, and listening. You need at least 7 points out of 9 to pass the test. You can take the IELTS exam in two ways: paper-based or internet-based testing. The paper-based version is usually more complex than the internet-based version, but it offers you more flexibility when choosing the timing and location for your test. The online versions are available all over the world 24/7, making it easier to schedule a convenient time for taking the exam. Once you have registered for an appointment on their website or completed an online application form, they will send you specific instructions on preparing for your test session.

Make sure that you study thoroughly before taking this critical examination!


Why choose Medic’s classroom training?

Experienced Trainers

Our experienced trainers will help you improve your general English in terms of fluency and accuracy.

Up-to-date IELTS syllabus

The syllabus and the IELTS study materials provided to the students are up-to-date in keeping with the requirements of the IELTS evaluation.

Language Labs

Medic provides multimedia-enabled language labs to improve your language and communication skills to perform well in the IELTS exam.